MR Coax Jumper (1m)

MR Coax Jumper (1m)

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This cable can be used to either connect your mobile booster output port to the input port of a signal splitter or it can be used for connecting from a splitter to a coverage aerial, panel or ceiling-mount. This cable is pre-fabricated with N-Male coax connectors at both ends.

  • Low-loss (approx. 6dB per 30m)
  • Flexible
  • For all Mobile Repeater signal boosters
  • For outdoor or indoor aerial antennas

For applications that require multiple indoor coverage booster aerials you will need a short jumper cable to connect the repeater unit to a splitter. From the splitter you can connect longer cables to the individual aerials around the building.

Technical Specifications

Part Number LBC400
Impedance 50 ohms
Frequency up to 10GHz
Loss approx. 6dB/30m