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Car Signal Booster


Vehicle & Car signal boosters work with all vehicles and will boost signal on any network. Simply choose your signal booster and then add a Vehicle Conversion Kit or choose a repeater that suits you. Below we have the most popular. Each comes with a specially designed antenna for a discrete install and a 12V power supply to connect it to the vehicle.

Full instructions come with the easy to install kit and our helpful customer care team are available to answer any questions.

Boosters For Vans Cars And Boats.

The portable signal booster is suitable to move between vehicles or to use as in a camping environment to make mobile phone calls possible from anywhere. We have GSM, 3G and 4G portable boosters available for sale. Don't ever be stranded with poor coverage install a booster today. With a general range of 15km from the nearest base station each kit has a 23dB gain to ensure you never drop a call or lose signal again!

Why Do I Need Mobile Phone Boosters?

You may also park or drive so far from a network base station that the signal is too weak when it reaches you it needs a boost or calls drop.

Will Vehicle Boosters Work For Me?

These Mobile Signal Boosters were designed to pick up signal when on the move and ensure you have no dropped calls. Easy installation of a booster means within 30 minutes you could have perfect mobile phone coverage in your car permanently or you can set up a temporary install in minutes for a camping situation.

Repeaters Available

The bespoke units are below and cover most requirements. However you can have any booster you need - Add the vehicle conversion kit to the cart and simple pick the booster you need. This will then have everything you need to put a booster in your van, car or boat. Note: Very Remote Locations - For very remote camps and ships especially we recommend adding a Parabolic antenna which can pick signal up to 35km from the base station. Available as a add on at checkout. (Make sure you get the right one for your network as 3 antennas available)

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