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Mobile Signal Booster For HOME and OFFICE

Mobile Signal Boosters give you GUARANTEED Voice calls, 3G & 4G signal inside your home or office. First lets see what causes the problems of no signal & how to overcome it.

What Causes Poor Reception?

Bad coverage in your home / office is caused by

  • a) Being situated too far from the network base station
  • b) Due to the building materials used in the construction of the building such as foil backed insulation or thick cavity cement walls.

For both problems we have your solution with mobile signal boosters for home and office. Our Mobile Repeaters are designed with you our customer kept in mind. The reception booster will overcome poor indoor coverage and with an exceptionally easy install, they are ideal for home and office.
Before and After mobile bars

Next Step To Fix Poor Indoor Coverage

Simply choose repeater below many are s available on special offer until the end of this month.

What Size Mobile Signal Booster?

The coverage guide (1,000 sq feet etc) for each repeater is based on 5 Bars signal outdoors and open plan. If you have weak outdoors signal or multiple interior walls the coverage will be reduced. So for each bar less then 5 bars outdoors you will need to reduce the max coverage by approx 10%.

All our repeaters have a 15 day money back guarantee and with 7 years experience and over 120,000 customers! We can definitely help. If in doubt feel free to call .

What Network Signal Booster?

We have designed and tested the repeaters for each network so you simply choose the network you need to cover. For 4G our booster will boost every network but beware its only Data unless specified to be for voice also.Select the size area you need to cover and you will have the ideal mobile phone signal repeater.

Will It Work For Me?

To work all you need is some mobile signal outside your building. If you have a very poor mobile signal outside 0-1 bars be sure your covered by adding a 25dB Parabolic Antenna, It is an aerial that will pick the signal up to 35 km away and you can add this to your order when checking out. This adds additional gain and ensures you get the results you would expect as if you had 5 Bars outside instead of 1!

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