2G Signal Boosters

How does 2G work?

Voice calls are transmitted via frequencies and they are measured in Megahertz (MHz). Lower frequencies (MHz) can travel further, but carry lesser traffic data. A voice call normally operates on the 900/1800 MHz band. The internet data is transmitted on higher frequencies and therefore requires 3G coverage. This also explains why in some remote areas, users can make voice calls but cannot access the internet.

Which booster size should I get?

The booster size you need comes down to two important factors: 
a) Outdoor signal strength: Stronger outdoor signal reception of your location offers more signal input to the booster, enabling the booster to cover larger indoor areas. 
b) Obstructions: Open-plan houses tend to receive higher signal coverage, as compared to houses with multiple partition walls. Signals are weakened as they pass through walls, you may need a booster with stronger output power to enhance the indoor coverage.

Need Advice?

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