Why do I have bad Cell Signal?

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The Cause

Building Insulation

Network signals weaken as they penetrate walls. In addition to that, advances in building technology make it even harder to get through. For example (Image 1), the foil backed membranes are installed in walls to reduce heat loss of the building, keeping its residents warm and cosy during cold weather. However, at the same time, these membranes reflect back the network signal from the base station, allowing minimal network signals to get in through the windows.


Distance from the base station

A signal travels from the base station, it loses strength over distance travelled. Network signals that travel on a lower frequency can travel a longer distance. 2G/GSM which travels on a lower frequency (900MHz) can travel 2.5 times further than 3G which travels on a relatively higher frequency (2100MHz). This explains why in some remote areas, you can receive and make phone calls (2G) but cannot access the internet (3G).

The Solution


Get a Mobile Booster

If you are having excellent reception outdoor and weak signal indoor, you can solve this problem by simply installing a mobile booster that collects the outdoor signal and re-broadcast it indoor.


Upgrade your Antenna

If your location is far from the base station and has limited or unstable outdoor signal, a stronger antenna to ensure a minimal signal input to the mobile booster will be helpful. On your mobile device, each signal bar increase is equivalent to approx. 10-15% improved indoor signal reception and coverage. You can upgrade your antenna based on your outdoor signal strength. A Yagi Antenna is recommended for 2-3 outdoor signal strength and a Parabolic Antenna for 0-2 signal strength.

We have a range of products to accommodate buildings of various sizes and different network carriers and outdoor signal strengths. Click here to learn How to choose the right Mobile Booster.


NOTE: A hard-wired mobile booster with a fixed outdoor antenna is highly recommended as it guarantees an improved indoor signal reception and coverage. A hard-wired mobile booster performs much more effectively than those plug-and-play mobile boosters as it treats the root cause of poor indoor signal problems. It is easy to install and 15-20 minutes is all it takes. Click here to find a Guide to Install Mobile Booster.

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