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Mobile Repeaters

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There are numerous types of cellphone signal boosters or repeaters and so it's worth doing your research to make sure you are purchasing a device best suited to your needs. Some things you need to consider are the area you need to be covered by the cell phone signal booster, the carrier and network you are on, whether or not you need it to boost voice calls as well as data and how many users you want to be able to use the repeater at any given time.

Home Network Boosters

The home kits are well suited to smaller areas and fewer users such as the Vodafone Voice Signal Booster which covers 250m2 and supports 10 users at a time. Similarly, the 3G Mini Booster is good for homes as it is compatible with all 3G 2100MHz networks and covers the same area as the Vodacom Voice Signal Boost but it supports 25 users at once. However, if you are looking to boost voice coverage, then a 2G repeater will work better than the 3G Mini Booster.

For a larger home, where data coverage needs boosting but not voice coverage, then the 3G Repeater All Networks is a good choice for you as it works well as it is compatible with all high speed 3G 2100MHz data networks and it covers 500m2 and 50 people can use it at once. Another option for coverage for 500m2 is the All Voice and MTN, Vodacom, Cell C 4G Booster Pro. This phone booster can also have 50 people online at once and it is compatible with all South African cellular providers which use 2G and LTE 4G except for Telkom 4G.

Portable Network Booster

In terms of portable network boosters, a great option for your vehicle is the SB Vehicle Booster. This is perfect for people who drive in areas which are far away from network base stations leading to poor coverage on the road. The SB Vehicle Booster is also an ideal companion for a camping trip, ensuring that you remain connected whilst enjoying the great outdoors. This device works with all South African networks but unfortunately does not cover 3G but instead, 2G for both data and voice calls.

If you are on the move, you can also purchase an MR Conversion Kit which turns any repeater into a portable signal booster. This device is compatible with all repeaters and it comes with an antenna which is mounted on your roof or trunk of your vehicle and a cable runs through to be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket. This adapter works with GSM, 3G and 4G networks.

Large Building Network Boosters

There are more powerful cell phone signal boosters which are well suited to larger buildings such as office spaces and buildings where coverage for multiple storeys is necessary. For example, the All Networks PowerMAX network booster is suitable for an area of 500m2. It covers all networks using 3G and LTE 4G voice calls and data, apart from Telkom 4G. You can add up to 6 antennas if you want to cover multiple floors. The MR PowerMAX GSM 900/3G is compatible with all South African GSM 900 and 3G networks, works for both voice calls and data boosting, covers an area of 1000m2 and enables 75 people to be online at once.

If you want the same area coverage and the same number of users but you would also like a device which also covers high speed LTE 4G then the PowerMAX Tri-Band might suit your needs better as this repeater is compatible with all GSM and 3G data networks as well as LTE 4G for Cell C, MTN and Vodacom (but not Telkom 4G).


Commercial Network Booster

For coverage for up to 2500m2 then there are devices such as the MR PoweMAX GSM 900/3G XT which will work for all GSM 900 and 2100 South African services for both voice calls and data and 200 users can be online at the same time. For a 5000m2 space, then the MR PowerMAX GSM 900/3G XT+ might be the repeater for you as it is also compatible with all GSM 900 and 3G 2100 carriers and 200 users can be active at once. If you need LTE 4G coverage as well then, the PowerMAX 900/1800 XT+ is a great choice as it also covers 500 m2 and allows for 200 users to be active at the same time but it is compatible with LTE 4G for MTN, Vodacom and Cell C but not Telkom 4G.

The MR PowerMAX Tri-Band XT provides coverage for 1000m2 and 75 users and is compatible with all South African carriers using high speed 3G networks and for LTE 4G for MTN, Vodacom and Cell C but not Telkom 4G. The MR PowerMAX Tri-Band XT+ covers a 5000m2 space and allows for 100 users to benefit from all GSM and 3G data networks as well as LTE 4G for the same carriers, excluding Telkom 4G.

Signal Booster South Africa

If you need to go even bigger then the MR UltraMAX range allows you to set up 50 indoor aerials and more than one base unit can be connected and programmed to different frequencies to ensure that a range of carriers are covered and boosted successfully.

As you can see, Signal Booster South Africa has a wide variety of cell phone repeaters to suit small small and mobile spaces such as your car as well as devices which can cover large areas and numerous floors as well as being able to support a high volume of users. Just work out what your needs are first before selecting the best repeater for you.

Signal Booster South Africa

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