How To Install A Cell Phone Booster

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Step 1 : Search for the green spot:

You will want to capture the maximum outdoor signal strength available and boost it indoors. We recommend the Android Smartphone App that helps you easily locate the best signal reception of your carrier network at your home/office.

Step 2 : Install the antenna:

Good job on finding the green spot! Now, let's get creative. Referring to the image, fix the antenna on the building, facing the signal tower. You can check out the location of the nearest signal tower around you via

Step 3 : Connect the antenna to the booster

You are almost there! Next, attach the coax cable to both ends, connecting the antenna outdoors to the mobile booster indoors.

Step 4 : Switch ON:

Once your mobile booster is plugged in to the power source, you are now covered and good to go!

Commercial building installations

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  • 1 - Building plan analysis
  • 2 - Antenna locations
  • 3 - Cable runs in corridors
  • 4 - Selecting tools and parts needed
  • 5 - Costing and Options for installations to meet every budget

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