Cell Phone Signal Boosters For Cars

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Mobile boosters for cars and other vehicles

You may be travelling by car, train, or boat and you are always on the move. It is normal that signal strength varies as you travel. The further you travel from the city, the less coverage you tend to receive. Besides that, the material of vehicles, for instance aluminium and reinforced steel blocks off signals from penetrating the vehicle body. These are small problems that can be easily solved by installing a mobile booster in your vehicle.

Choosing the right mobile booster

The coverage area of a car is small, and therefore a mobile booster with 10dB gain is usually sufficient. For bus, train, and other larger vehicles, we have mobile boosters of various dB gains available to meet your requirements.

Guide to install mobile booster in your vehicle

  1. Fix the magnetic mounted antenna on top or on the trunk of your vehicle.
  2. Connect the antenna to the mobile booster in the vehicle with a coax cable.
  3. Locate the mobile booster somewhere stable.
  4. Tuck the coax cable into the seal of your vehicle door.
  5. Lastly, plug in the power cord to the cigarette lighter

You are now good to go!

Most car mechanics or electricians are able to help with installing your mobile boosters. 
For further enquiries, feel free to contact us.

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